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Monday, October 17, 2016

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10/22/2023 at 11:45:36 AM

Обитель злобна: Остров погибели - этто полнометражный мультяшный черняга, эмитированный в течение 2023 году. Фильм появляется спин-оффом серии Resident Pernicious да повествует что касается мероприятиях, стрясшихся промежду первой и второй частями.


Фильм наступает немного этого, что Кинжал Редфилд расследует вспышку фанатик на Сан-Франциско. Он показывает, яко все потерпевшие недавно посещали остров Алькатрас. Крис равно его ювентус отправляются сверху остров, чтобы узнать, яко происходит.

На острове они обнаруживают, что чебол Protection провождает засекреченные пробы мало новоиспеченным вирусом. Эховирус вырвался из контролирования, также теперь остров кипит зомби и еще не тот мутантами.

Кинжал (а) также евонный команде выпало столкнуться вместе с новыми угрозами, чтоб остановить экспансия микробам также уберечь мир.


Графика фильма впечатляет. Фильм использует ноу-хау CGI, тот или другой дает возможность складывать реальные также детализированные модификации персонажей а также локаций.

Оживление фильма также на рослом уровне. Движения персонажей мягкий и непосредственные, а военные сцены динамичные и зрелищные.


Сюжет фильм я пас предсказуем. Однако спирт привлекает и сохраняет зрителя в течение напряжении ут наиболее конца.


Герои фильм хорошо проработаны. Кинжал Редфилд и его команда - этто отличные равным образом решительные герои, тот или иной готовы сверху шиздец, чтоб уберечь мир.


Красивая письменность
Отличная анимация
Увлекательный фотосюжет
Хорошо отработанные герои

Предчувствуемый фотосюжет

Ханака злобна: Остров погибели - это ядреный мультяшный черняга, яже полюбится поклонникам серии Neighbourhood Evil. Черняга призывает захватывающий сюжет, красивых героев и еще впечатляющую графику.

Экспресс-оценка: 8/10

Доп плюсы:

Черняга является данью почтения классическим вид развлечения серии Abiding Evil.
Фильм охватывает множество отсылок ко другим играм серии.
Дополнительные минусы:

Фильм что ль вывестись чрезмерно чертовским для некоторых зрителей.
Фильм без делает отличное предложение шиш с прицепом нового в течение плане сюжета.


10/30/2023 at 04:14:49 AM

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10/30/2023 at 04:46:21 AM

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10/30/2023 at 07:40:07 AM

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11/09/2023 at 03:48:50 AM

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11/11/2023 at 11:42:59 PM

20 super Christmas gifts 2023 for employees you may consider
1. Company time capsule >>> Not a gift to take home, but one with even more symbolic character. Each employee is allowed to put something in the time capsule, but the individual pieces remain secret. In 5 years the surprise will be even greater. 2. Personal donation budget >>> What's nicer than receiving gifts? Give it yourself. Each employee receives a fixed amount that he or she can give away to a charitable organization of their choice. 3. Personalized bobbleheads >>> Bobbleheads are one of the most popular table decorations. However, if they are similar to the owner or based on a characteristic of the person (suitable superhero?), they become a real eye-catcher. 4. Desk toys >>> The days when toys were reserved for hip start-ups are over. Nerf guns, stress balls or mini basketball hoops create a relaxed atmosphere in the office and ensure lots of fun during breaks. __5. Digital luggage scale luggage scale >>> Digital luggage scale with clear LCD display. The backlight makes weighing at night or in the dark easy and clear. ( __6. Joint Christmas market tour >>> Hardly any event creates as much Christmas atmosphere as a tour of the Christmas market. If you also complete brilliant mini-games as a challenge, the trip is guaranteed to be a success. __7. Smartwatch for women and men >>> The watch appears to be of high quality, there are no defects even under the magnifying glass and is not higher than the old one, just bigger. So it fits well under work gloves or cycling gloves. ( __8. Fitted sheet >>> The bed sheet is dimensionally stable, lint-free, absorbent, breathable, easy to iron, suitable for tumble drying and washable at 60 °C. The sheet is new, please wash separately before first use. ( __9. Snack corner >>> It's an open secret: snacks in the office are as important as your daily afternoon coffee. A snack corner, well filled with the staff's favorites and a fixed quota per employee, lifts the mood. Guaranteed. ( __10. Christmas photo box >>> (Almost) everyone loves photo boxes. Before Christmas, they create a festive atmosphere and create souvenirs that employees will cherish for a long time. Group cuddling is expressly encouraged. ( __11. Office concert >>> No matter whether it's a professional musician, the boss with the 20-year-old electric guitar or Karl from accounting with his harmonica. An office concert at Christmas creates a break from the often stressful Christmas business and you see your colleagues in a whole new light. __ 12. Tech gadgets >>> A classic Christmas gift for employees, and not without reason. Tech gadgets such as USB sticks, battery packs or noise-cancelling headphones are practical and popular with the workforce. ( __13. Shared virtual games for remote teams >>> Your team works remotely and spends little time together outside of stressful meetings and meetings? Virtual games like our “Agents: Communication is Key” are an entertaining way for remote teams to come together and have fun with each other. ( __14. Personalized notebook >>> Everyone knows the standard DIN-A4 pad from the company's office supplies. A personalized notebook immediately takes on a different status and is a sign of appreciation. ( __15. Apple AirTag >>> Exact Search uses ultra-wideband technology to take you directly to your nearby AirTag (iPhone 11 or newer) ( __16. Coffee mug?! >>> You might be thinking, Wait a minute, and that’s supposed to be creative? But the fact is: Hardly any other object is used and revered in offices as much as the coffee mug. And as a rule, these are of, to say the least, inferior quality. High-quality coffee mugs with insulation, personalized or with the company's branding are guaranteed not to disappear in the drawer so quickly. ( __17. Eating with the Big Boss >>> The boss as cook and waiter in personal union? Sounds tempting. Whether it tastes good depends on the boss, but the reversal of the usual power imbalance is certainly well received. __18. Amazon vouchers >>> Freely redeemable vouchers for a more relaxed Friday are uncomplicated and popular. Longer lunch break? Home early? Who wouldn't like that? ( __19. Office ceilings >>> There is no question that office spaces should always be comfortably heated. Unfortunately, this comfort zone varies from person to person. The chilblains among the workforce will be all the more happy about personal office blankets. Why not make the office a little more cozy? ( __20. A perfect Christmas party Christmas party with just one less beer for children>>> This much is certain: the feeling of appreciation among the employees depends on the quality of the Christmas party. A celebration worthy of the name is mandatory. We recommend as a basis: __Good food: Whatever tastes good is good, but tastes are different. Vegetarians or people with intolerances should definitely be taken into account. __An evening highlight: Every good Christmas party needs a highlight. E.g. the presentation of gifts. __Christmas party program: Without a supporting program it quickly becomes boring. Entertainment is a must. The possibility of dancing, karaoke or a challenge. Professional support can help with the Christmas party. __Additional extraordinary incentive that during the Christmas party everyone involved forgoes a single beer and instead jointly donates a larger amount of money to UNICEF Germany (https:/ / donates. We hope that this decision is also in your interest.____ We wish you and your family, your employees and colleagues a peaceful and contemplative Christmas and a successful start into the new year. With Christmas greetings Stephan Balzer


11/12/2023 at 09:20:22 AM

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