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Educational Summer Activities for Students

Friday, June 9, 2023

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The school year has ended, and everyone can feel the excitement in the air as several months of summer lay ahead. Students are ready to shake off the school year and look forward to swimming and other outdoor activities with friends, family vacations, and maybe even catching a firefly or two.  

While summer break is often characterized by hot but enjoyable days and warm, languid nights, it does not mean that learning has to stop for your kids. Engaging in educational summer activities can help students reinforce what they learned in the last school year, explore new areas of interest, and prevent summer learning loss. Many educators recommend that parents take their desk calendars or planners to map out a summer learning plan that includes fun activities in which to participate. Let’s look at a variety of summer activities to keep students engaged, learning, and having fun.     

Reading Programs 

Encourage students to participate in summer reading programs, book clubs, or reading independently. Local libraries and bookstores are excellent resources for reading activities and other programming that keeps kids engaged in building their reading skills over the summer. Find either physical books or online reading material that aligns with their interests. If it feels like more school, kids may lose interest or not participate at all. But if you can put a book in their hands about a subject they love, then before long, they will finish that book and ask for another. Additionally, a neighborhood or a friend group book club can encourage more than your child to read (and other parents will thank you). 

 STEM Activities 

Engage students in hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) projects. Numerous resources are available online and at summer camps or workshops that offer STEM activities, experiments, and challenges. Invite kids to explore STEM topics of interest and engage in problem-solving activities. Parents can also find STEM-related books for their kids to combine reading, math, and science.    

 Virtual Courses and Workshops 

Where would we be without the internet? Kids have a wealth of online platforms to access for virtual courses and workshops in a wide variety of subjects. Students can enroll in classes that align with their current interests or explore new fields or subjects. These courses can provide opportunities for learning new skills or delving deeper into subjects they enjoy. This activity could be even more enjoyable if kids can invite a friend or group of friends to share in the fun.   

 Educational Apps and Websites 

Most parents probably do not want to add more screen time to their children's daily activities, but sometimes you are stuck indoors or traveling. When these circumstances occur, an educational distraction, like interesting educational apps or websites, can offer interactive learning experiences that save the day. Numerous sites allow for learning languages, coding, math, science, and other fascinating subjects, as well as video channels that can provide learning opportunities. 

 Museums and Zoos 

Parents should plan museum, zoo, and science center visits with their kids. These institutions provide educational exhibits, workshops, and guided tours that can expand students’ knowledge and spark curiosity. Engage them to engage to the extent that exhibits allow. Use laminated maps to locate where the zoo animals originate or where famous artists were born. Also, encourage them to ask questions to the experts at these locations. They are available to help kids learn.   

 Nature Exploration and Gardening 

Encourage students to spend more time outdoors and explore nature. They can go on nature walks, observe plants and animals, and learn how to protect the environment. Home and community gardens are excellent activities for kids to exercise in the fresh air and learn what it takes to produce fruits and vegetables for their families.   

Creative Arts 

Fostering creativity in students is vital for their overall academic growth. Unfortunately, many schools do not offer music or art. Summer is the perfect time to engage in drawing, painting, sculpting, playing a musical instrument, recording music, writing stories, or acting in a play or musical. Provide them with art supplies, doodle pads, paper, pens, and technology to listen to music, create drawings, or write content. They can also explore digital arts by creating videos, animations, or graphic designs using online tools and programs. 

 Life Skills 

Teaching students practical life skills are not always available in a school's curriculum. Provide opportunities for kids to learn cooking, gardening, woodworking, financial literacy, or first aid. Find age-appropriate activities that address these or other topics, as these are all hands-on skills that can be built upon as children grow and develop.   

 Volunteering and Community Service 

Encourage students to participate in local initiatives such as organizing a book drive, assisting at a community garden, or helping at a local animal shelter. These activities promote empathy, social responsibility, and a sense of civic involvement. 

So parents- break out your desk calendars or daily planners and add educational activities to fill out your student's summer break. It is important to remember that this is also a time to slow down and allow students to become rejuvenated. Summer activities should strike a balance between educational value and fun, allowing students to have fun while continuing to explore and learn.