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Organization Tips for Busy Moms: Daily Planners Do the Work

Monday, September 5, 2022

Monthly Planner at HOD

How many moms out there sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, and glance at their daily planners and realize their day is free? They then go about their day strolling from place to place without a care in the world, right? Once you stop laughing you can all say NONE! In unison. 

The busy mom who juggles the academic and social calendars of their children like a White House chief of staff while managing her own schedule, career, and household responsibilities may seem like a typical societal stereotype. In reality, it is definitely more fact than fiction. 

Moms are under a lot of pressure to succeed yet make it look easy. Instead of feeling the weight of mom guilt and taking on more than is feasibly achievable, there are a few tips and tricks to lighten the load. 

Organized moms swear by their daily planners- used by the entire family- and their appointment books to keep the household running like a well-oiled machine. Use these as a starting point to keep everyone organized and on track.  

Calendar Planners, To Do Lists & Tips, Oh My! 

It would be amazing if every appointment, practice time, or teacher meeting were magically implanted in our brains. But until that dream comes true, daily planners are an essential tool to stay organized.  

Lists. Lists. Lists. What is more satisfying than making lists and checking off those tasks that were accomplished? Arrange your lists by category, maybe for yourself, each child, and a general household list. Make sure you prioritize what is urgent and what can wait. Check these lists against the deadlines in your daily planner or calendar. You will soon see a pattern emerge as the items on your lists dwindle to manageable levels and your daily routines form a foundation to stay on top of your busy life.  

Delegate. Moms steer the ship through calm and rough seas but need some help along the way. Thinking you can do it all without help from family members is not a realistic approach to staying organized. Remember those lists you made? Lists can be shared, and responsibilities divided.  

Do As You Go. If you try to designate one day for cleaning or laundry, then just resign yourself to the fact that it will be your entire day. To prevent necessary chores from piling up do a little as you go. Pick an area of the house to dust or vacuum. Throw in at least one load of laundry per day rather than letting it become a giant mass of dirty clothes. Doing a little at a time will make any task seem less overwhelming.  

Meal Prep & Planning. There is nothing like hungry kids asking what is for dinner and you have no idea. Busy schedules can mean topsy-turvy meal routines. Eating is an often on-the-go event and many sit-down meals do not even take place. Avoid creating hangry children with a little forethought about who eats what and when. A break in your schedule is a perfect time to use your monthly planners to map out nutritious meals that can be thrown together in no time. Prepping veggies, using slow-cookers, and freezing extra portions are just a few ideas to keep everyone fed. And do not forget to keep on hand easy sandwich fixings and high-protein snacks.  

Self-Care. This tip probably falls to the bottom of many mom lists, but it is vitally important to stay organized and healthy. Moms try to be everything for everyone, but self-care still must take precedence or that ship can capsize. As you are adding dentist appointments and dance practice to your daily planner it would benefit busy moms to add things like coffee with the girls or a relaxing yoga class. Self-care is not self-indulgent. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, participating in physical activity, and socializing with friends are all ways to maintain balance and organization.      

Ask for Help. No one can go it alone, even the super moms who seem to spin a hundred plates without breaking one. Enlisting some help from the kids, family members, friends, and other moms in your circle can provide support so that those long lists in your daily planner will not seem insurmountable. Carpooling, meal sharing, and organizational tips are among the many ways moms can combine resources to divide and conquer.  

Say No. This is a tough one. Refer to the part about moms trying to be everything for everyone. It is impossible so do not even try. Glancing at your calendar to find a tiny increment of time to add one more event or responsibility is a surefire way to add stress to an already busy routine. Although pulled in many directions, we often try to say yes to being a supermom people-pleaser who can take on one more task. To preserve mental health and avoid added tugs at our time think of a diplomatic way to say no. And then move on to an item on your priority list.      

Moms and Motherhood. Rewarding, amazing, crazy, stressful. There is not enough time to give every description about being a mom. But there is time to help moms stay organized with the help of daily planners, appointment books, and the wisdom of every mom in their enormous circle.  

Do you need to find ways to get more organized? Shop our daily planners, appointment books, and monthly planners to keep your household a steady ship steered by Captain Mom!