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(Re)Organizing Your Home Office

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Daily Planner at House of Doolittle

The last few years have presented many new life lessons including ramping up our adaptability and resiliency. Our kids’ classrooms, work meetings, and social interaction in general required a massive pivot from what seemed like things that would always be set in stone. 

As with every other facet of our lives the physical workspace has changed for many folks as well. For those who came from offices loaded with all the supplies and equipment to maintain a well-oiled machine, the transition to a home office environment often posed some consternation. While some people may have already had a home office reserved for professional use, many had to adapt quickly to a remote work situation. Where to position a desk, add a printer, and even where to hang a wall calendar or place your appointment book planner became critical home improvements as much of the workforce changed locations on a dime. 

While a global pandemic rewrote the handbook on working from home, even now a few thoughtful steps can help all of us make our home offices comfortable and efficient.  

Opening your calendar planner is the perfect place to start when writing down your room-rearranging ideas, goals, and shopping lists. Give yourself a reasonable deadline for creating the space that allows you to get the job done.  

A Room with a View 

Even if your home office doesn’t have the most optimal of views you can still adjust your surroundings to create a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  

Many homes have neutral tones on the walls because they are an easy base from which to add colorful décor. If this is not the case with your home office, that is, if the walls are painted in bright or dramatic hues, then possibly a fresh coat of paint may be in order. This requires some work, but the final effect can promote an overall tranquil space, devoid of too colorful distractions.  

Assess the size and quantity of your office furniture. Professional workspace and home office space can be two different animals. Your home work area now requires a desk that can contain all your computer equipment plus other essential items like your desktop calendar  or daily, weekly, or monthly planner.   

Next, take a good long look at where your larger furniture pieces should be positioned, not just for style, but also to maximize your focus. If you are fortunate to have a window, then facing your desk to enjoy glancing outside and using the natural light might be the best option. This placement may also allow for fewer distractions if you are not looking directly at a doorway where family members could be coming and going.  

Moving on to the Smaller but Important Pieces 

Office managers spend a lot of time and money selecting and purchasing all the items that create a workspace conducive to maintaining productivity. Revamping a home office may not have a proportionally comparable budget, but there are a few items that are worth the investment.  

Your desk chair may be the most important large item in your entire office. If you aren’t seated comfortably, then efficiency can take a downturn. Every home office needs a chair that feels good and provides exceptional support. 

Conversely, many of us know that sitting for too long is not always healthy, therefore it would be wise to add a standing desk feature on top of your main desk.  

Moving on to the required tech equipment, assess what you will need to keep your office humming along. Will just a laptop work, or do you require a desktop? This question also begs looking at how many screens are necessary. Our complicated workloads often need multiple laptops or monitors. While many people try to go paperless, a printer can still be an essential tool. Will a printer fit on your desk, or will you have to find a smaller table or desk to accommodate this bulky item? And with all these tech components, electrical outlets must be addressed. Nothing in a home office will work if there aren’t enough places for the plugs.   

Moving on to the Really Small Pieces 

Now that you have all the major pieces in place, it is time to look at all those objects that seem to magically appear in professional offices. Keeping track of your office supplies is up to you now. Ensure that you stay up to date with pens, copy paper, calendars, sticky notes, and any other item that contributes to an efficiently run home office.  

A Personal Touch 

Many professional offices have become ultra-functional but rather sterile in their décor. You now have the opportunity to make your home workspace as customized and beautiful as you want. Personal items that add an individual touch include special photos, a chair pillow, or original art.  

The home office is here to stay so it is important to make the most of this space. It should be functional and organized, providing a work area conducive to exceptional productivity. But it should also be individualized and attractive as you will be spending a lot of time there.  

This new year may be the perfect time to do a little home office re-organizing and redecorating. House of Doolittle has all the calendars and daily planner items you need to make your home office run efficiently to meet all those deadlines.