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The Relevance of Paper Planners and Calendars in Our Digital World

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Paper Planners at House of Doolittle

There are still a few of us around who remember the good old days when we used typewriters and cut and paste actually meant to physically cut and paste. We often wax nostalgic that the clacking of typewriter keys has been replaced by hushed computer keyboards and wall calendars have been relegated to mere decoration as our smartphones hum with daily tasks and events.  

But these memories are not so far in the past that we have eliminated the need and value of paper daily planners and photo wall calendars. While our society has embraced technology in all its organizational forms for tracking our time, events, and goals, the use of paper wall calendars and daily/weekly/monthly planners still remains a relevant tool that should be used alongside our tech conveniences.

Our Brains on Paper

Exceptional organizational skills are especially critical for teachers. They must juggle roster names, attendance records, lesson plans, grades, and numerous other pieces of information that keep their classrooms running at peak efficiency. They have a finite amount of time each day to do the most important part of their job- teaching our children- therefore relying on wall calendars and teacher lesson planners is still a gold standard in achieving their goals.  

The teaching profession has embraced the technology currently used in the classroom setting. It has added an essential component to their educational toolbox that benefits them and their students. However, even these tech users need a break from screen time, whether on computers or phones, to shake out some of the online cobwebs and allow our brains to reset.  

Many of us understand the joyful feeling of having a really great pen. It glides on paper with just the right amount of ink. Putting pen to paper goes beyond that sensation.  The physical act of writing slows down our brains and allows us to focus on the details we need to remember. This intentional act of connecting letters to create words helps teachers to plan, organize, and thus execute the tasks prioritized for their students.  

Writing is Visual Reinforcement  

We are irreversibly connected to a digital world through the use of our desk computers, laptops, and smartphones. Their organizational systems are inextricably linked to our personal and professional lives. No one can deny the ease of entering data into a computer program or adding tasks to our phones. But this efficiency can also lead to a sense of desensitization. Having so many methods to remind and alert can also pave the way for simply ignoring these notices.  

Wall calendars, desk calendars, and paper planners are a visual connection to our daily priorities thus reinforcing our ability to remember what we have to do. Writing things down on calendars or in planners is not a waste of time, but an efficient use of time that promotes organization and commitment. Incorporating these items into classrooms is especially beneficial for students who require a lot of instruction about organizing and remembering assignments.  

Adaptable and Satisfying 

When working on a computer people often have multiple screens open and bounce back and forth between them depending on what the user needs. While this may seem efficient, it can actually blur our focus and send people into tech overload.  

Using paper planners and wall calendars reduces that blur and helps to clarify our focus. Entering items in a desk planner or writing on a wall calendar can be adapted to fit our organizational needs. We can color-code, make lists, and check off tasks that are all visually satisfying and boost our sense of accomplishment as we maneuver through our fast-paced world. Pages are open and accessible, and we don’t have to scroll or select a screen. All information is in one place and more easily remembered because you physically wrote each entry.  

Low Tech Convenience 

Just because we often find the latest apps and programs appealing doesn’t necessarily mean they are better just because of their advanced capabilities. Paper planners and calendars might seem low-tech, but they are not reliant on fuel, other than our own energy we expend to write. Sometimes internet systems crash, but paper never does. An added beautiful characteristic of using paper is that you never need to find a place to recharge its batteries. Your handwriting using that great pen is all you need for it to function well.  

Going old school in our high-tech world should not be considered stodgily remaining in the past. Wall calendars, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly planners, are still viable tools for planning and organizing. All homes, offices, and classrooms can reap the benefits of employing these products for myriad uses including remembering special events, prioritizing tasks, and checking things off lists to indicate a job well done and completed.  

Are you ready to add paper calendars and planners to your organizational repertoire? It is easy to do, and you’ll see immediate benefits. Let’s get started today