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Top Five Tips to Stay Energized Throughout the School Year

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

daily and weekly planners

It is easy for those of us who aren’t teachers to just sit back and observe their seemingly endless supply of positive physical and mental energy. Arguably taking on one of the most important jobs any person could have, they are up early, work late, and sandwiched in between instilling knowledge into our most precious little humans. They should all be wearing superhero capes! 

Even the best of them - the ones who always appear to be organized, efficient, and teeming with enthusiasm - can find their energy levels depleted. They face not only the responsibility of teaching the next generation of doctors, engineers, artists, and yes- teachers, but also must juggle administrative tasks that maintain smooth sailing throughout the year. As they turn to their daily planners to map out each day, week, and month for every school term, they must also emphasize their well-being which has to carry them during the entire year.   

A Teacher’s Daily Planner: More Than a Calendar 

Getting a jump on organization at the beginning of the school year can help set the standard for maintaining energy levels. Teaching doesn’t just take a lot of brainpower when dealing with kids all day. The planning and organizing that occurs before setting foot in the classroom, if created with efficiency, will establish a foundation for every task to be accomplished.  

We might live in a digital society but going paperless is not always the way to stay organized. The visual, tangible organizing capability of daily and weekly planners allows teachers to look at what is happening in the moment and the big picture. Scrambling for the next thing to do or the next deadline to meet is a surefire way to zap energy levels. Using planners for appointments, meetings, lesson creation, and testing is a time-saver and a great method for preserving brainpower better utilized directly for students.  

Clear that Foggy Brain 

We hear about it all the time. Sometimes it is called brain fog. Sometimes it is called losing focus. This situation is most likely to occur when teachers are tired and feel overworked. There are ways to boost energy and reduce brain fog.  

Exercise, along with proper nutrition will always top the list of ways to increase energy. There’s a reason: it works. Physical activity doesn’t mean you have to join a gym or run a half-marathon. A walk around your neighborhood or your school, breathing fresh air, and feeling sunshine warm your face is an effective mood-lifter as well as energy-booster.  

And the more you add to your daily routine the more likely you will feel the increased positive effects. Exercise will increase energy levels, allow for efficient energy expenditure, and subsequently improve the essential quality of sleep. This is a cycle worth repeating.  

Superfoods for Super Energy 

Blueberries, bananas, kale, oats, almonds, salmon. They are called superfoods for a reason. The more you incorporate these nutrient-rich foods into your diet, the more you contribute to your overall health which in turn leads to more energy. Transitioning to and maintaining a diet based on these superfoods as well as other nutritional powerhouses, produces the fuel teachers need to get through long school days.  

Often when people feel tired, they reach for a quick fix - and quick is all it is. Sugar, caffeine, energy drinks, and fast food might supply a fast uptick of energy, but the crash that follows is inevitable.  

Opt for foods that supply a steady stream of healthy energy throughout the day. Healthy meals, as well as snacks, should be low-sugar, high-protein, and natural. Avoid foods that are processed and lack nutrients. Selecting more plant-based options rather than meat-based is also known to contribute to higher and more consistent energy levels.    

The Wonder of Water 

Stay hydrated! This cannot be stressed enough as it is a proven source of maintaining health and energy. Often the need for hydration is misinterpreted as hunger which can lead to choosing something less than nutritionally optimal. Increasing the amount of water consumed during the day helps satiate cravings for unhealthy foods and keeps all systems functioning at peak capacity. 

Plain water is the best but if you need a little flavor adding some fresh lemon juice or a sprig of mint can create some flavor. Increasing fluid intake does not include sugary drinks or alcohol which have the opposite effect of boosting energy. Stick with plenty of water or water-filled fruits and vegetables like watermelon, peaches, celery, and lettuce. Once drinking more water is established as a habit, combined with proper nutrition, there will be a noticeable shift in the amount of energy needed for teachers to get through every busy day.  

Build a Support System 

The tips mentioned above are simple enough - begin with small changes and eventually lead to more substantive habits. Get organized. Exercise. Eat well. Drink more water. This shortlist is easily incorporated in increments that are attainable and effective. Another piece of advice cannot be ignored.  

You can’t do this alone.  

The people with whom you surround yourself can be the fire that ignites your energy, helping you to stay impervious to the influences that siphon your energy and therefore often your focus.  It is vital to cultivate healthy, supportive relationships with family, friends, fellow teachers, and even your students. Take advantage of these incredible connections to absorb their kindness and wisdom. Remember that sharing energy can build energy.  

The beginning of the next school year will be here before you know it. Make a plan of action to incorporate these tips into your daily routine. Over time, even small changes can make a huge difference. Ensure that you have the right tools as you organize your mind and your classroom.  

And never forget the importance of your job as a teacher. There is no greater purpose than to care for and educate all our children. Use their energy to sustain your own.  

Are you ready to get you and your classroom energized and organized for the upcoming school year? Daily planners and weekly planners are the perfect places to begin so get started now!