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Why Going Green Is Now More Important than Ever

Thursday, October 6, 2022

 Recycled Planner at House of Doolittle

The concept of going green has long eclipsed the notion of this as a trend relegated to a passing fad. For the last few decades, we have often heard the mantra of reuse, reduce, and recycle. As topics like pollution, greenhouse gases, and climate change are included in daily news reports, the urgency of changing our behavior around consumption has gained significant traction. 

As we contemplate the magnitude of adding electric cars and solar panels to our lives, most people can make small changes like using eco-friendly laundry detergent or paper products like recycled planners and calendars.  

But what does it really mean to go green on a wider scale? Does it sound like it is too complicated and unattainable as a lifestyle choice that we ignore the options? Going green covers a lot of ground and can include the products we use, how we use them, and what we do with them when they have outlived their use. This transition can be accomplished a little at a time in our homes, offices, and classrooms. Let’s discuss a few best practices to get started.  

Knowing What Going Green Means 

It simply means that an effort is made not to harm the environment and to not deplete the resources we use. While the significant effects humans have on the natural world have been discussed for centuries, the modern environmental movement began in the 1960s and has become a recognizable philosophy as well as a lifestyle choice.  

More recently the concept of going green and implementing what it entails is a common part of our daily lives. Think about some of the terms we see and use every day-organic, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, environmentally sound, and non-polluting just to name a few. Associating these with our actions and choices can help anyone on the path to a greener life.  

A concerted effort to go green can seem like a tall order when considering the number of people on the planet who need all manner of these resources to survive. There are a number of ways- both narrow and broad in scope- that many people can adopt to live a greener lifestyle thus supporting the health and sustainability of our planet.  

Some Ideas to make Your Days Greener 

There are numerous ways to incorporate some green living into your daily routine both personally and professionally.  

In your home… 

• Ditch the gas-powered lawn equipment. Make the switch to electric lawnmowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers to reduce air pollution. 

• Drop one-use plastic bottles and containers. Both contribute enormously to the size of landfills and harm to land and oceans. Invest in a personal water bottle and other kinds of reusable food or product containers. 

• Collect rainwater. A barrel filled with fresh rainwater saves more than just the resource. It can save you money while watering your garden or washing your car. Or share with a neighbor who also has a garden that needs a drink. And reducing water use can have a positive impact on stressed municipal water systems. 

• Compost your kitchen scraps. Just think about the waste that can accumulate in your kitchen- maybe from one meal alone! Whether you use a little section of your yard or invest in a compost bin, this action is beneficial for the environment and reduces your overall waste going to landfills. All your veggie parts, fruit peels, and coffee grounds can turn into nutrients that make soil rich for gardening. And even if you don’t personally use composted material, you can always donate it to a community garden.  

In your office… 

• Encourage all staff members to recycle copy paper, toner cartridges, and other office supplies. You can also reduce paper use by printing on both sides.  

• Purchase supplies that are environmentally-friendly like being made from recycled materials or having little to no packaging. Use eco-friendly wall calendars desk calendars, and planners that remind employees that recycling is an important part of the daily mission.  

• Consume coffee that is responsibly sourced and shade-grown which helps farmers financially as well as reduces harm to the environment.  

• Buy reusable water bottles for staff with the company logo. You can reduce one-use plastic bottles and get a little marketing bonus.  

• Walk or bike to work and encourage staff to do the same. Using less gasoline means reducing air pollution and encouraging healthy activities.  

• Turn off electronics like desk computers, printers, and copiers as well as lighting when not in use.  

In the classroom… 

• Explain the importance of recycling to students of all ages and the ways each one can contribute to a greener environment as they are the next generation to carry on these best practices. Ways to be eco-friendly can be incorporated into math, science, and language arts lessons.  

• Reuse and recycle paper. Teachers and students use a lot of paper! This can be addressed by using paper on both front and back and tossing used paper in a designated recycling bin.  

• Create an environmental club. Activities can include making a composting area on school grounds, planting flowers or vegetables, collecting rainwater, and making recycling a school-wide effort.  

With just a little effort, transitioning to a green earth-friendly approach can be easily navigated in your home, office, and classroom. There may be billions of planets in the universe, but this planet is ours, and for it to remain clean, healthy, and sustainable for our lives a few changes can have a substantial impact.  

Are you ready to go green? Take a look at your recycled planner and eco-friendly calendar and devise a plan for your greener lifestyle. With each passing day, your efforts will become your green routine.