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A Teacher's Guide to End-of-Year Classroom Organization and Planning

As the academic year winds down, teachers face the crucial task of organizing and planning their classrooms for the end-of-year activities and beyond. This process is not only about tidying up physical spaces but also involves preparing academic materials, planning future lessons, and ensuring a smooth transition into the next academic year.

Deadline Demolition: A Step-by-Step Guide to Meeting Work and School Deadlines

In our fast-paced world, managing deadlines is crucial for success in both academic and professional settings. Whether it's a critical work project or an impending school assignment, effectively navigating these deadlines can often be the key to stress-free success. At House of Doolittle, we understand the importance of staying organized and ahead of schedule. 

Professional Productivity: A Deep Dive into Using Calendars for Career Success

In today’s fast-paced professional environment, staying organized and managing time effectively is crucial to achieving career success. One of the most reliable tools to enhance productivity and maintain control over your schedule is the calendar planner.

Classroom Chaos, No More: The Teacher's Handbook to Calendar Mastery

In the bustling world of education, time management is crucial, not just for students but for teachers as well. The key to mastering this challenge lies in effective planning and organization skills that we, as educators, strive to impart and embody. That's where teacher planners come in, serving as an indispensable tool for educators who juggle numerous tasks and responsibilities daily.


Mastering the Classroom: Using Calendars to Manage Unruly Students Effectively

In the classroom, managing unruly students can be a challenging task. However, with the right tools and strategies, teachers can create a positive learning environment where discipline issues are minimized.

Picture Perfect: Managing and Organizing Family Events with Calendars

Managing and organizing family events can sometimes feel like a juggling act. With numerous schedules to coordinate, it can be challenging to keep track of everyone's commitments and ensure that no important events are overlooked.

Meeting Mastery: Navigating Professional and Personal Meetings with Calendars

In today's fast-paced professional and personal world, managing meetings efficiently is integral. Whether you're an ambitious executive, a focused student, or a multitasking busy parent, having the right tools to keep your schedule neatly organized can make a significant difference. 

The Power of Planning: Staying on Track with Calendars in the Professional World

In today's fast-paced professional environment, staying organized and on top of your tasks is more crucial than ever.

Stress Less, Achieve More: The Calendars and Planners Guide to Mental Well-being

In today's fast-paced world, the quest for productivity often leads us down a path of stress and overwhelming to-do lists. However, the key to achieving more might not be about doing more but rather about managing our time and mental energy more effectively.  

Balancing Act: Juggling Work, Home, and School with the Help of Calendars

In our fast-paced world, the art of balancing work, home life, and academic pursuits has become a crucial skill for many. The constant juggling act between these domains can lead to overwhelming stress and a feeling of losing control. However, with the right tools and strategies, achieving a harmonious balance is within reach. 

Life's Grand Events: How to Use Calendars for Special Occasions and Milestones

In an era where digital reminders and virtual assistants strive to keep our schedules in check, the charm and utility of a tangible Desktop Calendar or Desk Calendars persist. These traditional tools not only serve as a visual anchor in our fast-paced lives but also play a crucial role in planning and celebrating life’s grand events and milestones. 

Blooms and Bounty: Creating the Perfect Planting Schedule for Your Garden

When it comes to creating a thriving and harmonious garden, strategic planning and scheduling are key. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, developing a planting schedule tailored to your specific climate and garden layout can make all the difference in the success of your garden. In this article, we'll explore the importance of monthly and weekly planners, as well as how to utilize a calendar effectively to achieve a beautiful and bountiful garden.

Educator Excellence: Tips and Tricks for Teachers Using Calendars in the Classroom

It is fair to say that elementary, middle, and high school teachers have bustling and complicated jobs that present new daily challenges. In the world of education, the role of a teacher is not just about imparting knowledge; it is about creating an environment where students can thrive and learn effectively.  

From Concept to Completion: Project Management with Calendars and Planners

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, project management can appear in many forms, but it is always a critical skill for success. You may be singularly focused on your own project or part of a team overseeing multiple projects.

Deadline Dynamo: Strategies for Meeting Professional and Personal Deadlines

Sometimes, our lives can feel like we are constantly looking at a watch or a calendar, and they often seem to overwhelm us with their clocks ticking off the minutes and days of the week, turning into the end of a month. If you feel this personal or professional stress and worry about future commitments, then it is time to evaluate your time management methods.  

Mindful Organization: Using Calendars to Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Health

In today's fast-paced world, whether you are a parent, student, or working professional, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks and responsibilities we must juggle. If not addressed, these burdens can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being; staying organized can be key to reducing stress and improving mental health.  

Lesson Plans and Lunch Breaks: A Teacher's Ultimate Guide to Classroom Calendars

For educators, the juggling act of lesson planning, class schedules, and academic responsibilities can be as demanding as rewarding. In the bustling world of teaching, staying organized is not just a preference but a necessity.

Household Harmony: How Calendars and Planners Can Tame Even the Busiest Schedules

Maintaining household harmony can feel like an impossible feat in the whirlwind of daily life. From managing work commitments to juggling family schedules and maintaining a semblance of personal time, the chaos can be overwhelming.

Mastering Your Schedule: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Calendars for Professional Organization

In the fast-paced world of professional life, mastering your schedule is essential to success. Amidst deadlines, meetings, and daily tasks, your calendar emerges as your most reliable ally.

New Year, New You: Achieving Resolutions with the Power of Planning

Once the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, a wave of optimism propelled us to embrace the opportunity for a fresh start. Resolutions are made with the best intentions, but they often fall by the wayside as the year progresses. This year, however, let's turn the tide and make our resolutions stick by harnessing the power of planning. This article will explore the transformative impact of monthly and weekly planners, delve into the world of yearly planners, and discover the organizational wonders of House of Doolittle planners to help you conquer your New Year goals. 

Calendars and Chaos: How to Tame the Holiday Season for Families

The holiday season is a magical time filled with festive cheer, warmth, and family traditions. However, amidst the joyous celebrations, it is no secret that chaos can ensue, leaving families feeling overwhelmed and frazzled

Year-End Reflections: How Calendars Aid in Achieving Professional Goals

As we approach the end of the year, it is only natural to reflect on the past months and contemplate the achievements and lessons learned. For professionals seeking to improve their productivity, set and accomplish goals, and pave the way for success, the calendar planner emerges as a powerful ally.

Family Time Management: Making the Most of the Holiday Season with Calendars

The holiday season is upon us, and it is the perfect time to embrace the warmth of family, the joy of giving, the excitement of activities, and the magic of traditions. Amidst the hustle and bustle, finding a balance between holiday activities can be challenging. That is where effective family time management comes into play, and the humble wall calendar emerges as a holiday hero. 

Desk Calendars: More Than Just Dates - A Tool for Daily Inspiration

When thinking about organization and productivity, desk calendars often take a back seat to their digital counterparts. However, what if we told you that your desk calendar is more than just a date keeper?

Teacher's Guide: Using Calendars to Finish the Fall Semester Strong

As the fall semester begins nearing its end and the school year reaches its midpoint, teachers face the challenge of keeping students engaged and on track for academic success. Some invaluable tools that are underutilized include the teacher planner, class record planner, desk calendars, and wall calendars.

Family-Friendly Calendar Hacks: Streamlining Holiday Activities and Events

The holiday season is brimming with festive activities, family gatherings, and work-related dinners and parties from the morning of Thanksgiving Day to when the ball drops on New Year's Eve. It is also the season when making to-do lists and keeping track of commitments requires a bit of an organizational miracle.  

5 Creative Ways to Utilize Desk Calendars for Maximum Efficiency

In the digital age, where screens, apps, and notifications often govern our lives, the humble and practical desk calendar remains a versatile and effective tool for organization and efficiency. Whether you are managing a bustling family household or leading a team of colleagues, the desk calendar still holds a premier place in our hearts and on our desks as we navigate the complexities of our personal and professional lives.  

Mastering Time Management: How Planners Keep You Organized During the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration and often a touch of chaos. Between family gatherings, school functions, work commitments, and the general hustle and bustle of seasonal festivities, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  

Demystifying Your To-Do List: Tips and Tricks for Staying Organized

Staying organized can feel like a daunting and ongoing challenge as family members, teachers, and other professionals manage tasks, appointments, and commitments.

Family First: The Art of Organizing and Navigating Busy Schedules

In the modern world, juggling family schedules can feel like orchestrating a complex symphony. From school events to extracurricular activities, work commitments, and social engagements, it is easy for life to get overwhelming for everyone involved.

The Art of Problem Solving: Practical Approaches with Planners in the Workplace and Schools

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are indispensable in both academic and professional settings. They enable us to analyze information, navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and develop effective solutions to reach our goals. 

Mastering Your Schedule: Unleashing the Power of Monthly Calendar Planners and Organizers

Do you sometimes want to wave a magic wand and wish our fast-paced lives would slow down just a bit to allow ourselves to catch up? It would be fair to say that quite a few people would enjoy our complicated taking a breather and letting us recharge and reorganize.

AI In Education: A Teachers Ally or adversary? Exploring the role of Technology in the Classroom

The digital age has ushered in a new era of possibilities in education, and one of the most intriguing developments is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into classrooms.

Fostering Intellectual Growth: Cultivating Critical Thinking in Students

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” This founding father knew a thing or two about learning and education; his words are as relevant today as they were in his time.

Mastering the Art of Time Management: Best Practices for Teachers

Even though many of us feel a little sad that summer is drawing to a close, we can admit that there is excitement in the air for the impending school year.

Back to School Checklist for Parents and Teachers: A Comprehensive Guide with Weekly and Monthly Calendar Tips

Name a skill that parents and teachers possess. It is a long and varied group of skills, right? Picking just one is difficult, but one specific talent that always rises to the top is organization.

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The Power of Journaling: Why Parents and Teachers Should Encourage Students to Put Pen to Paper


Maintaining Focus During the Dog Days of Summer


Unlocking the Magic of Reading: Fun Tips and Tricks to Inspire Little Ones with Books, Doodle Pads, and More!

In this digital age, when even the smallest children are adept at navigating devices and screens, encouraging our little ones to develop a love for reading can be quite perplexing and a bit daunting. But some challenges can be minimized with a little effort and some good, old-fashioned creativity.

Why Summer Reading is Important for Teachers and Students

During the long days of summer, the sun is high in the sky, and during the short nights, we might not do more than lazily capture a few fireflies. The previous school year has been a memory for a few weeks now, and it is fair to say that educators and students love their well-deserved break away from their teacher planners and their textbooks.

How to Start a Summer Reading Club

Many parents of elementary, middle, and high school students are just as happy as their kids that it is summer break. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, applaud accomplishments, and relax and recharge. But one thing that concerns parents while their children are on vacation for the summer is the appearance of brain drain taking hold and erasing some of the knowledge and skills achieved during the last year.

Prevent Summer Brain Drain Now!

We hear terminology tossed around schools and education, but one that gains traction when classes end for the academic year is the concept of summer brain drain, summer learning loss, and summer slide. This is a phenomenon where students experience a decline or loss of academic skills and knowledge over the summer break. During the extended period away from school, without regular academic engagement or structure scheduled in planners, students may experience a regression in their learning and intellectual progress.

Educational Summer Activities for Students

The school year has ended, and everyone can feel the excitement in the air as several months of summer lay ahead. Students are ready to shake off the school year and look forward to swimming and other outdoor activities with friends, family vacations, and maybe even catching a firefly or two.

End-of-School-Year Conversations with Parents

There may not be any excitement so palpable as what teachers, parents, and students feel at the end of the school year. Testing has concluded, projects are completed, and grades and other notes are entered in their class record planners. Some schools have field day or other celebrations to mark the end of the year. While everyone is feeling a sense of accomplishment and looking forward to an enjoyable summer break, one important task still should not be overlooked.

How to Promote Empathy in Your Classroom

The challenges affecting today's society seem too numerous to count, let alone find effective solutions. Yet, we continue to try because the effort to make changes will benefit everyone, especially our youngest members. Highlighting empathy as a valuable trait to develop and nurture in young students should be an essential component in the classroom if we expect to see compassionate, caring, and inclusive young adults in the future.

Reward Ideas for Student Accomplishments

Take a walk down memory lane and think about when you were young and rewarded for an accomplishment. It could have been choosing some colorful stickers after a no-cavity dental cleaning or getting a high-five from a coach after scoring a soccer goal. No matter what you received, the feelings generated by the reward can flood back in an instant.

Calendar Management is an Ongoing Task

Summer is here! The school year has ended, and vacations are planned. It is a time when almost everyone has breathed a sigh of relief as they anticipate some well-earned downtime. But as busy families and professionals know, summer is notorious for allowing structured schedules off the rails. Just because we have entered this season anticipating a lot of relaxation time, there are still many things to plan and do.

Get a Jump on Teaching Summer School

Certain words that evoke the happy feelings of summer can be linked- picnics and barbeques, swimming and baseball, ice cream and popsicles. There are two words that teachers and students may not address with the same enthusiasm- summer and school.

Springtime Activities to Keep Your Students Engaged

Nothing is better than feeling a warm breeze and a little sunshine igniting a spring fever. Teachers might find this time of the school year to be a bit challenging as students begin to feel restless with the approach of summer vacation so near. Rather than allowing students to become too distracted, spring is a wonderful time to engage students in fun and exciting activities that promote learning and personal reflection.

How to Encourage Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Critical thinking is a cognitive skill that involves analyzing information, evaluating arguments, and making reasoned judgments about any topic.

What Teachers Have Learned Post-Pandemic

It is impossible to list the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives. We have reevaluated public health, personal health, workplace environments, and social connections.

Checklist for Wrapping up the School Year

For many teachers and students, it seems that one minute it is August, and then the next minute, it is May. At least, that is what it feels like, as everyone makes lists and plans to finalize the school year.

The Teachers Organizational Survival Guide

If you ask almost any classroom teacher what the one skill that helps them achieve their daily, weekly, and monthly goals is, most will respond that organization is the game-changer. It is no exaggeration to say that teachers wear many hats and spin many plates.

Tracking Academic Goals with Calendar Management

Running a classroom is like operating a business. There is a manager, team members, work to be done, and goals to achieve. Let's keep in mind that those team members are often little humans who need a lot of direction and handholding. But no matter their age or grade, academic benchmarks must be met for every student in the classroom.

More Than Just Tracking Time: How Calendars Can Be Effective Teaching Tools

As a teacher, you always look for ways to help your students succeed. You want them to learn, grow, and develop the skills they need to be successful in school, at home, and with their friend groups. One tool that most of us, including teachers, use every day is calendar planners.

Recycling Reinforcement: Eco-Friendly Calendars for Home and Classroom

Everyone is witnessing the first signs that spring is approaching- warmer weather, sunny skies, and patches of yellow daffodils to reveal that there are beautiful days ahead. As the spring season blooms, we also know that Earth Day celebrations are only a month or so away.

Professional Deadlines: There's a Calendar for That

Let’s just take a moment to remind ourselves that teachers are the unsung heroes of our society. They rise often at the crack of dawn, teach, nurture, and support our children all day, stay late at school while juggling the other demands of their professional lives - and while managing their own families.

Using Classroom Calendars as Learning Tools

Everyone seems to have an opinion about calendars, but no one is doing anything about it. Okay, of course, the real saying is about the weather and the underlying meaning is that it is impossible to adjust something so large and fixed to fit our daily needs.

Keeping Students Engaged During the Long Winter Months

Teachers have a difficult job. They create imaginative and inspirational classrooms filled with visually appealing learning tools and plan engaging lessons to last an entire year. Teachers are gifted with a supply of energy and enthusiasm capable of infiltrating even the most stubborn of little minds.

Kick Off the New Year with an Organized Classroom

A new year always presents itself as a time to update goals for a teacher’s classroom. Now that the holidays are over, teachers and students can renew their efforts for a productive year filled with the possibilities of what everyone can achieve.

New Years Resolutions for Your Personal Calendar

There is no time like the start of a new year to make your first to-do list. The one that is always at the forefront in January is, of course, the often made and infrequently carried out New Year’s resolutions. As people close out the previous year and look forward to the next 12 months, it is almost second nature to make promises to ourselves to improve the quality of our lives.

Productivity Tips to Start Your Morning Right

How many people in the history of time have uttered the words, 'I am not a morning person.' No, you are not. And you are not alone, because very few people will describe themselves as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as the sun launches skyward from the horizon and a new day begins.

(Re)Organizing Your Home Office


Personal Goal-Setting Tips for 2023

A new year typically is the impetus for many people to think about fresh beginnings and big changes. As it was just a few short weeks ago, the month of December can reflect quite a few indulgences and maybe allow a few standards to drop or a couple of rules to be broken.

How Planning Your Day Can Help Minimize Stress

Various levels of stress are just part of everyday life, especially if we are juggling the demands of both personal and professional responsibilities. A little stress is not necessarily a bad thing; it can keep us on track and accountable. But as obligations pile up, their associated stress can become overwhelming and reduce productivity.

Struggling to Find a Work-Life Balance? Theres a Tool for That

Many of us participate in a work culture that prioritizes setting goals and achieving measurable outcomes, often to excess. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, in theory, it can often become distorted to the point of people becoming overworked, overwhelmed, and just plain stuck. Sometimes “powering through” is not the healthiest of solutions when trying to gain inroads professionally while holding together a personal life.

Declutter Your Schedule This New Year with the Right Tools

As 2022 draws to a close many of us will begin the new year with a collection of resolutions in the hope of improving our lives. The usual suspects often include eating better, exercising more, and improving relationships.

Tips for Staying on Top of Things During the Busy Holiday Season

Santa Claus is not the only busy person checking their list and checking it twice during the month of December. The holiday season is glorious and magical, but it can also be hectic and stressful. Many of us are hard-wired to try to do everything- from decorating to baking to gift-buying. That is a lot of pressure and can often be unattainable without a plan to stay organized and check things off our own lists. So, sit down at your kitchen table with a nice cup of tea, a pad and pen, and stare down your wall calendar because you are about to take on December like the boss you are.

How to Stay Organized During the Holidays

Every year in the fall it feels like we transition from Halloween to Christmas in the blink of an eye. One minute we are carving pumpkins and the next we are hanging mistletoe with barely a breath in between.

How to Get into the Habit of Updating Your Calendar

It can be difficult to avoid the constant reminders we receive about healthy or positive habits we should adopt or the negative ones we should avoid. Everyone from moms to social media influencers tells us to drink more water or get in more steps.

Are People Who Use Desk Calendars More Productive?

Many of us waste a lot of time working on time management. Is there anything more ironic or counterintuitive? We are pushed, in both our personal and professional lives, to do more, produce more, and achieve more. When it seems like every minute of every day is crammed with responsibilities to remember, it is no wonder we waste time just trying to keep track of how we track our time.

Think You Dont Have Time to Keep Up with a Planner? Think Again

Have you ever had that “back in my day” conversation, regaling those younger than ourselves about how tough we had it. You know the examples- walking to school in the snow uphill both ways, or maybe something a little closer to our present time like describing early mobile phones that were the size of bricks.

What Is the Best Type of Calendar for Busy Families?

As busy families try to navigate their hectic schedules a calendar becomes more than a collection of days and dates.

Advantages of Physical Planners for Young Professionals

The current crop of young professionals is a generation raised in an online world. They survive on a constant digital diet of information, events, and conversations served up on websites, social media platforms, and streaming services.

Are You Using Your Paper Calendar Correctly?

Unless you are one of those people who do not have a care in the world and never have to look at a cell phone clock or wall calendar, then maybe some tips on how to best use your paper desktop calendar or planner will just be ignored.

Why Going Green Is Now More Important than Ever

The concept of going green has long eclipsed the notion of this as a trend relegated to a passing fad. For the last few decades, we have often heard the mantra of reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Can a Physical Calendar or Planner Make You More Efficient at Work?

Our personal lives often seem like a never-ending series of decisions. These decisions range from the most trivial like which new TV program to binge-watch to the most important like which home to buy.

The Benefits of Paper Planners in a Digital World

Do you ever find yourself apologizing for still using tools associated with the Dark Ages, that is, the time before personal computers and smartphones? Some folks may think fondly back to a time of weekly planners made of paper and lasting for only one year or desk pad calendars covered in a sea of doodles only to be replaced by smartphones buzzing with information and computers layered with multiple screens and images.

Staying on Top of Your To-Do List as a Busy Professional Is Easier than It Seems

Remember the Sorcerer’s Apprentice scene in the movie Fantasia when Mickey Mouse loses control and magical brooms multiply and a deluge of water floods the room? Can you equate this chaos with your daily responsibilities? For many of us this is an occurrence that takes place every day and often becomes exponentially more difficult if an organizational strategy is not implemented.

Organization Tips for Busy Moms: Daily Planners Do the Work

How many moms out there sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, and glance at their daily planners and realize their day is free? They then go about their day strolling from place to place without a care in the world, right? Once you stop laughing you can all say NONE! In unison.

The ABCs of Social-Emotional Learning

There is nothing like a global pandemic to cause upheaval in every part of our society, especially in the field of education. As COVID-19 permeated our lives it felt like everything came to a screeching halt with few solutions in sight and addressing education was at the top of this list.

Tips for New Teachers from Veteran Teachers

There is always going to be what seems like too much work and not enough time to complete it. And sometimes the sheer volume is so overwhelming that putting things off can feel like the only way to get some relief. New teachers can easily dig a deep hole indicating poor time management.

Saving the Planet: How to Engage Your Students in Recycling

Teachers are required to instruct students in a variety of subjects and have to use some creativity when introducing new concepts, especially when trying to add some spark to the usual classes. Most students spend time each school day acquiring new skills in language arts, math, and science.

Remote Learning: How to Stay Connected to Your Students

Stakeholders in the world of education will be discussing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had -and still has- on the school system and its students. While this public health crisis has been profoundly traumatic and has ushered in an era of uncertainty, teachers most notably were challenged to create effective learning environments both in the physical classroom as well as the remote learning space.

How to Create a Fun and Effective Classroom Culture

Greek philosopher Socrates, generally acknowledged as the father of modern education, shared the following piece of wisdom with his students

The Importance of Long-Term Lesson Planning

Ask any teacher what is one of their least favorite parts of their profession and the odds are in favor of some of them naming lesson planning as a necessary chore, but one associated with a bit of dread. We all - including teachers - have our favorite things - ice cream flavors, TV shows, and songs, but when it comes to preparing lessons for the school year, that task often gets relegated well below decorating your classroom walls and just above getting sneezed on by a student.

Welcome Back! Tips and Tricks to Get Students Ready to Learn

Summer break often feels too short and before you know it the new school year is rapidly approaching. It is time to put away the beach towels and organize new school supplies. Even though teachers and parents know the drill when preparing for school to begin there are always new strategies and old reminders about how to prepare students for a successful, enjoyable learning environment.

Summer Brain Drain: Tips for Parents, Students , and Teachers

That one word can conjure idyllic images of swimming in a pool or ocean under a hot sun, the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill, or the excitement of Fourth of July fireworks. For many of us, summer was and is a magical time to slow down and enjoy simple moments like catching fireflies on a humid evening.

The Relevance of Paper Planners and Calendars in Our Digital World

There are still a few of us around who remember the good old days when we used typewriters and cut and paste actually meant to physically cut and paste. We often wax nostalgic that the clacking of typewriter keys has been replaced by hushed computer keyboards and wall calendars have been relegated to mere decoration as our smartphones hum with daily tasks and events.

Best Practices for the In-Person Remote Classroom Hybrid

There can be no argument that every sector of our society has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. One area that was severely impacted like no other, except for healthcare, was the education profession. It is fair to say that teachers, administrators, students, and parents were caught off guard by the rapid upheaval the virus caused. The uncertainty gripped us all as schools closed and education was interrupted.

Top Five Tips to Stay Energized Throughout the School Year

It is easy for those of us who aren’t teachers to just sit back and observe their seemingly endless supply of positive physical and mental energy. Arguably taking on one of the most important jobs any person could have, they are up early, work late, and sandwiched in between instilling knowledge into our most precious little humans. They should all be wearing superhero capes!

Organizing Your Classroom in a (Somewhat) Post-COVID World

It is no understatement that during the last few years we have all learned amid uncertainty and fear that we have had to approach our lives with flexibility and adaptability. No one individual or profession has exemplified this more than all those unflappable teachers whom we rely upon for the education and care of our children.